ERC Generator 2019


The ambition of the I-SITE ULNE project is to sustain and expand excellence in research and education. To achieve this challenge, we propose to researchers and laboratories of the I-SITE ULNE consortium an instrument to boost the submission of ERC projects among our scientific community.

This call will not be renewed next year.


Who can submit?

The call is open to researchers of I-SITE ULNE consortium[1] . All disciplines are eligible, in or outside of the thematic hubs.



The goal of the present call is to provide researchers with the appropriate scientific environment to improve their project, leading to an ERC grant application within 2 years.


Allocated resources:

The applicant will have to include a Post-doctoral recruitment (minimum 12 months).

I-SITE ULNE will grant up to 15 projects of maximum 120 000€.

This grant can be used for compensation of teaching hours only if approved by the hiring Institution and the National Research Agency after the projects are selected.



Application must be made online only. Please register first, and then click on "my submitted projects" and download the template. Once filled and signed, upload the file under the same section by clicking submit a paper. Applicants must respect the template available on this plateforme.


Selection Process:

 -          The application will have to be approved and supported by the head of laboratory. A letter of support by an international ERC granted researcher is recommended but not mandatory.

-          Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by external reviewers chosen independently by the European Science Foundation. To avoid any conflict of interest, you can indicate in the comment section up to 3 expert names to be excluded from the list of your reviewers.  

-          An external jury will select up to 15 granted projects in June.


The applicants will have 2 years to submit their ERC proposals following the I-SITE ULNE grant attribution (from the official starting date of the project)


 Dead line for submission: 22 mars 2019 – 23h59

Help desk: ;



[1] Université de Lille, Centrale Lille, ENSAIT, ENSCL, IMT Lille-Douai, Sciences Po Lille, ESJ, ENSAPL, ENSAM- Campus de Lille, CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, CHU de Lille, Institut Pasteur de Lille

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